Finance Committee

Meets 1st Thursday of each month at 7:00pm 


Shaun Galliher


Richard Scialabba


Mary Rice Sanders


Heather Brown

James Chivers

Bonnie Conner

Russell Parks

Christine Pike

Nancy Smith

Phone: 413-655-2300 x346


The primary duties of a municipal Finance Committee in Massachusetts are to advise and make recommendations to town meeting on the budget and other areas of municipal finance. It has statutory authority to make transfers from the town’s Reserve Fund to departmental budgets for extraordinary or unforeseen occurrences. It may approve with the Select Board some budget transfers during the last two months of fiscal year the first 15 days of the next year to close out the town’s financial records.

To see the 2019 Capital Plan for the town developed by the Finance Committee, click here.

         TOWN HALL | 39 SOUTH STREET | HINSDALE, MA | 01235 | 413-655-2300

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