Water/Sewer Department

Hours: Wednesday & Thursday 9:00am-2:00pm

Phone: 413-655-2300 x307
Email: water.sewer@hinsdalema.gov

Authority for the Water and Sewer Department

 ​"In any city or town which accepts the provisions of this chapter, there is hereby created a body politic and corporate and political subdivision of the commonwealth to be known as the water and sewer commission of the municipality. The commission is hereby constituted an independent public instrumentality and the exercise by the commission of the powers conferred by this chapter shall be deemed and held to be the performance of an essential public function. The commission shall not be subject to the supervision of the municipality or of any department, commission, board, bureau, or agency of the municipality except to the extent and in the manner provided in this chapter." (Mass General Laws, Chapter 40N, Section 4).

The Hinsdale Select Board serves as our Town's Water and Sewer Commissioners, and in this capacity, they set policy and rates for these utilities. The day-to-day operations responsibility is delegated to the DPW Superintendent and Staff.

Water commissioners also have the authority to examine and protect water supplies and sources of supply and to take appropriate action to protect these. This includes watershed protection. Water commissioners must recognize this responsibility and provide whatever resources are required to operate the system in compliance with MassDEP regulations (M.G.L.111 sec. 173A and 173B)

Sewer III Rate Adjustment (June 28, 2021)

At the May 24, 2021 meeting of the Hinsdale Water and Sewer Commission, the Commissioner's unanimously approved an EDU Rate adjustment for Sewer III customers. A letter from the Town Administrator Bob Graves explaining the need for the Rate Increase was sent to all residents on the Sewer III system. A copy of that letter is available here.

If you have further questions about this EDU Rate Increase, please contact Bob at town.administrator@hinsdalema.gov.

2020 Hinsdale Water Consumer Confidence Report click to read or contact Water Department at 413-655-2300, ext. 307 for hard copy. For South Ashmere Water Service, click here. For Ashmere Water Service, click here.