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Police Chief Susan Rathbun


The Select Board and the Hinsdale Police Department would like to remind all citizens who will, shall, and do park on the roadways within the Town of Hinsdale of a few parking prohibited practices:

                  720 CMR 9.03 Parking

 Restricted Places:

  1. Within an intersection

  2. Within a crossover

  3. Upon any sidewalk

  4. Upon any crosswalk

  5. Upon the roadway in a rural or sparsely settled district

  6. Upon any roadway where the parking of a vehicle will not leave a clear and unobstructed lane 12’ wide in each direction for passing traffic

  7. Upon or in front of any private road or driveway without the consent of the owner of said road or driveway

Please note that these are only a few of the PROHIBITED places.

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