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Budget FY19

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2020 Hinsdale Water Consumer Confidence Report

2020 Ashmere Water Service Consumer Confidence Report

2020 South Ashmere Water Service Consumer Confidence Report

2018 Open Space & Recreation Plan

2019 Capital Plan 

2019 South Ashmere Water Assoc. Confidence Report 

Ashmere Lake Study 2003                        posted 9:45am 12/13/2019

Ashmere Lake Solitude Report Year-End 2020                        posted 11am 1/7/2021

Board of Health Regulations Governing Sale of Tobacco Products

Cemetery Map

Cemetery Rules & Regulations                               posted 9pm 8/12/2021

Citizen's Guide to Town Meetings

Consumer Confidence Report (water sampling)  posted 11:40am 4/22/2021

Election Day Legal Summary

Electronic Records Management Guidelines   posted 2pm 7/13/2020

Hazard Mitigation Plan 2019

Hinsdale Vision Plan

Mailbox Replacement Policy

MMA Finance Handbook 2017

Municipal Records Retention Schedule  posted 2pm 7/13/2020

Open Meeting Law Guide 2017

Personnel Manual 2017

Plunkett Lake Herbicide Treatment: Amended Order of Conditions 8.10.21

Plunkett Reservoir Solitude Report Year-End 2020               posted 11am 1/7/2021

Public Records Law Resources Statutes and Regulations    posted 2pm 8/23/2019

Public Records Access Guidelines  posted 4pm 9/3/2019

Road List 4-23-2018

Rural Water Study 2007            posted at 2pm on 8/04/2021

Senior Exemptions Guide         posted 9:30am on 9/29/2020

Senior Tax Rebate Application         posted 8:35am on 9/24/2020

Senior Tax Relief (Workoff) Application 2021         posted 2:05pm on 12/31/2020

Senior Tax Relief (Workoff) Information 2021        posted 8:15pm on 1/1/2021

Sewer Policy

Town Fees 2021                         posted 9:30am 8/25/2021

Tree List​                                           posted at 11:49am 6/1/2021