Building Inspection Services

Hours: Wednesdays 12:30-2:30pm
Site Inspections by Appointment

Phone: 413-655- 2300 x309

413-446-0964 (mobile)


note: Building Inspector's Hours for August 14 are from 4:30-5:30

Building Inspector:

Paul Greene



My name is Paul Greene, and I am the Building Inspector in Hinsdale.  I work part-time for the Town, so I am only in the office one day a week.  I am also the Building Inspector for a few other towns.


If you have questions about what you are planning to build or renovate, I find it is better to ask them before you file your online permit request. While I work part-time, I try to be as responsive to Residents as possible.  I am by cell phone and text messaging (text is preferred, as it keeps a record of our messages and allows me to be sure I answer all your questions).  I ask that you reach me during daytime business hours out of respect for my time. My cell number is 413-446-0964.


If you do not have questions at this point, you can use the Town’s online permitting portal to initiate a building permit.





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