On January 1, 2020 the income and asset limits for the Medicare Savings Programs increased. If you qualify, these programs will pay your Part B premium and in some cases your Part A and B deductibles, co-pays and Part A premium (if you have one). In addition, you will automatically receive Extra Help, a program that will lower your Medicare Part D premium and co-pays.

Income and asset limits effective 1-1-20

                                      Income                   Assets
Individual                    $1,738                    $15,720
Married Couple          $2,346                    $23,600

To learn more and to request an application contact Cathy Spinney 413-655-2929.  She will assist you with the application process.

Veterans’ services temporarily closes all Community Based Outpatient Clinics. Click here for more information.

Message From Goodwill Industries

From Goodwill Industries (

In these challenging times, we continue our commitment to individuals and families in our community and we are grateful for the support we have received from so many. Effective March 19, 2020, we are temporarily closing our stores and donation sites in Massachusetts until April 7. We will need your donations of clothing and household goods when we reopen so please hold onto them until then. Last year we served more than 6,300 people through job training, career services, and programs for young adults and we know the demand will be much greater in the months ahead. Please consider making a financial donation at to allow us to continue to deliver our critical mission services. We truly appreciate your continued commitment to Goodwill and the people we serve.

Burn Permit

For a burning permit, please call 413-655-2533. Hours of burning are 10am until 4pm. Permits will be issued if weather allows. To see state regulations on burning click here

Winter Sand for Seniors Available

Winter Sand is available for seniors for use on steps, walks, driveways, etc. Anyone over 60 needing sand can have it delivered. To be put on the list for sand delivery, please call the Town Hall Administrative Assistant at 413-655-2300 x345 or email and supply your contact information. Please be aware that timing of the deliveries will be as the Highway Dept. can manage them. For anyone wanting sand but not needing delivery, please go to the Highway Dept. yard on Maple Street where there is a pile available for residents. Sand may also be obtained at the transfer station during regular hours. If picking up on your own, please supply your own container.

Winter Parking Regulations Go Into Effect November 1

The Town of Hinsdale would like to remind residents that parking on a public way or from any private way open to the public, obstructing snow removal from November 1 to April 15 during the hours of 12 midnight to 8am is prohibited.

Towing costs and fines will be the responsibility of the vehicle's registered owner as stated in the Town of Hinsdale By-Laws.


The Mobile Food Bank provides fresh produce and other nutritious foods at no cost to families in the community, no questions asked. The Food Bank, sponsored by the Western Mass Food Bank is at the Dalton CRA at 400 Main Street in Dalton on the 4th Wednesday of every month from 11:00 AM-12:00 PM. Next date: MARCH 25.
Please bring your own bags, The Food Bank does not provide bags.

The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts in partnership with Community Health Programs, Inc 

Mailbox Replacement Policy

To read the Town of Hinsdale's Mailbox Replacement policy, click here.

2020 Transfer Station Tag Application

If you want to skip the trip to Town Hall or just want to save time when you come to Town Hall by having your form filled out in advance, click here to print out the Transfer Station Permit Application. Then mail it per instructions or bring it with you and save time.

New Board of Assessors Office Hours Announced

Effective May 20, the new hours are: Monday 1-5; Tuesday 9-4:30; Wednesday 1-8; Thursday 9:30-4. Meeting days/times remain the same.

Hinsdale Food Pantry Seeks New Home

The Hinsdale Food Pantry is seeking a space approximately 24ft by 24ft (roughly the equivalent of a two car garage) with access to a bathroom. The Pantry is willing to pay rent and the cost of utilities in exchange for the use of a space. Safety issues uncovered during renovations of the First Congregational Church of Hinsdale required that the Pantry move from the location in which it has resided for over 30 years. The Pantry offers a crucial service to Hinsdale and several neighboring communities by providing over 50 families with food staples and other necessities.  


If you have any ideas of a potential space in Hinsdale which could house the Food Pantry please contact Reverend Jennifer Kimball at or 607-434-5632.

Women and Careers in STEM

Only 1 in 4 individuals working in computer and mathematical workforce are female. Additionally, only 1 in 6 people working in architecture and engineering occupations are women. As the numbers prove, there is still underrepresentation of women in the science, technology, engineering, and math workforce. 
In an effort to make information focused on STEM education and careers more accessible to women, we at have curated a Women and Careers in STEM series for those considering the field. Included are degree overviews, job boards, and perspectives from female professionals already in the industry. Take a look here: 

Women and Careers in STEM

Where Women Study STEM:
Women in STEM:
STEM Careers:

Tax work-off program for senior citizens began July 1

The Select Board announced a tax work-off program for senior residents age 60 and older. This program provides a maximum abatement of $1500 to Hinsdale taxpayers with their primary owner­-occupied residence real estate tax in exchange for volunteer services in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws for income-eligible residents. Eligibility guidelines and applications are available for download by clicking here, or can be picked up at the administrative assistant’s office at Town Hall.

Completed applications can be dropped off at the administrative assistant’s office. For questions and further information about the program, call 413.655.2245.

Knitting for the Military

The Hinsdale Knit and Crochet group recently donated 24 hats they made to Pat Erdeski of Stamford, VT who packs them into her boxes of love for military overseas. This knitting and crochet group donates their creations on a yearly basis for the military, for chemo patients, for newborns, local children in need and shawls for church groups. The group meets weekly at the Old Town Hall from 1-3 on Wednesdays. Everyone is welcome to participate. Materials and knitting tutorials are available. 

Hinsdale Knit and Crochet Group - join us!

The members of the Hinsdale Knit and Crochet Group have made and donated 85 newborn hats to the mother baby unit at BMC. We meet every Wednesday at the OTH from 1-3 and everyone is welcome to join us. 

No Smoking!

Please note that there is no smoking allowed on any town property.

Knit and Crochet Group Joins the Afghan Project

The Hinsdale Knit and Crochet Group has recently joined The Afghan Project to benefit families of students who are being sponsored by Project Amigo ( It takes 96 squares for one blanket. Our group has made 360, thus far.

    One goal of the Afghan Project is to provide afghans for the 160 Project Amigo scholarship recipients in grades seven through university level and for the hundreds of children involved in the Project Amigo primary school incentive program. Another goal is to provide a source of income for the people who sew the afghans together, the majority of whom are unemployed mothers of Project Amigo scholarship recipients. This is a link to view squares already sewn into afghans:

Getting or Renewing a Driver’s License, ID Card or Learner’s Permit?

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles is reminding the public that on March 26, 2018, to get or renew any driver's license, ID card, or learner's permit, customers will need documentation showing United States citizenship or lawful presence as required by federal and state law.

For more information, view entire press release by clicking here.

Notice to All Property Owners

A friendly reminder that according to Hinsdale Town By-Law #35, section 2, all buildings in the town are required to have a number and that number is to be displayed prominently on the front of the building. This is especially imperative for all emergency services (police, fire, EMT) to easily find the building and not lose precious time in the event of an emergency. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation. 


Peter Persoff, Chairman

Richard Roussin, Neil Barrocas

Hinsdale Board of Assessors

Animal Shelter Looking for Supplies

Animal Control Officer Burgess is collecting any donations of:

  • Bleach, dawn dish soap, disinfectant wipes and sponges

  • Bones, large rawhides and training treats

  • Toilet paper and paper towels

  • Durable dog and cat toys

  • Purina One dry dog food

  • Canned dog food




Parking Prohibitions

The Select Board and the Hinsdale Police Department would like to remind all citizens who will, shall, and do park on the roadways within the Town of Hinsdale of a few parking prohibited practices:

                  720 CMR 9.03 Parking

                  Restricted Places:

  1. Within an intersection

  2. Within a crossover

  3. Upon any sidewalk

  4. Upon any crosswalk

  5. Upon the roadway in a rural or sparsely settled district

  6. Upon any roadway where the parking of a vehicle will not leave a clear and unobstructed lane 12’ wide in each direction for passing traffic

  7. Upon or in front of any private road or driveway without the consent of the owner of said road or driveway

Please note that these are only a few of the PROHIBITED places.

Preparation of Public Records Guidelines

The new Public Records Law took effect on January 1, 2017.  One requirement of the new law with a delayed implementation date is that Records Access Officers (RAOs) must prepare and post guidelines to assist persons seeking public records to make informed requests about the availability of public records, electronically or otherwise.  These guidelines must be posted no later than July 1, 2017 to the municipal web site, assuming that the municipality has a municipal website, and at municipal offices.

We have prepared sample guidelines RAOs may wish to use as an aid in preparing such guidelines. The sample guidelines, together with other resources and information about the new Public Records Law, are available on the firm’s website at . The firm’s Public Records Law Resources page may also be accessed from KP Law’s homepage at, by clicking on the “Resources” tab. We encourage you to share this information with municipal RAOs.

2020 Dog Licences Available at Town Clerk's Office


You may mail your request with paperwork and proof of vaccination to : Town Clerk, P.O. Box 803, Hinsdale, MA 01235. You may also drop it off in the Town Clerk mailbox at Town Hall. Your rabies proof will be mailed to you with the license. All dogs owned or kept in Hinsdale for eleven (11) consecutive days in any calendar year shall be licensed.

  • Licensing period begins January 1 and ends March 31 - EXTENDED TO APRIL 30

  • Licenses are valid from January 1- December 31, 2020

  • Licenses may be obtained through the Town Clerk

  • Failure to license your dog(s) can result in a fine of up to $50, plus applicable late fees


Also, as a reminder, all dogs owned or kept in the Town of Hinsdale shall be restrained from running at large 24 hours a day, each day of the year. Violations are subject to monetary fines.

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